Where Should You Keep Hand Sanitizer at the Office?

If you are considering investing in promotional products then, you should pay attention to arranging for promotional items for your employees. Branded hand sanitisers make excellent promotional products ideas, and you can utilise them in your office as follows:

On Every Desk

You may think you have the cleanest hands in the world, but germs are crawling all over your desk. If you add the bacteria on your computer mouse, keyboard, and phone together, there’s an average of 30,000 organisms! A good sanitiser is your best defence.

By the Doors

It’s no secret that doorknobs are hotbeds for bacteria. According to CBS News, one germ handle can infect half the office within hours! Your staff and visitors are more likely to use a sanitiser if it’s within arm’s reach at the entrance or exit.

In Meeting Rooms

When Gary is in the middle of a really intense presentation, spittle could be flying from his mouth. Cold and flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces like that boardroom table for up to 18 hours! A few bottles of sanitiser will help prevent your team from getting sick.

Near the Elevator

our co-workers are hitting their floor numbers or the arrows after they cough into their hands, eat a bag of Cheetos, or use the restroom. It’s no wonder that roughly 61% of elevator buttons are contaminated with bacteria. Do yourself a favour and have sanitiser on a table at every floor.

Outside the Bathroom

As great as it would be to assume the germs are gone when you leave the bathroom, that’s sadly not always the case. In fact, only 3% of people wash their hands correctly. A sanitiser right outside the door is a solid backup option, just in case.

In the Kitchen or Break Room

You may really love that tasty sandwich, but it’s actually contaminating your office kitchen or break room. The sink faucet, microwave handle, coffee maker, and refrigerator door are the most covered with bacteria. Be sure to use sanitiser before and after you eat your meal.